Come and see the woolly donkeys at Quinta do Pisão, in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, in a didactic ride for the whole family.

The activity allows children to contact with nature in a moment of fun.

For reservations please fill in the form presented, indicating the date, and all your questions. Then, you will be contacted by the company to complete all booking procedures.


  • Meeting point: car park of Quinta do Pisão
  • Time: from 10h to 12h
  • Dates: December 17
  • Duration: 1h15

Price List*

  • €12 (children from 3 to 13 years – For adults accompanying the participation is free)

Who performs?

Cascais Environment

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Q:Activity description
Reception of the participants in the parking  atrium, delivery of the brochures with a presentation of Quinta do Pisão.
Presentation of all the animals and information about safety rules:
Initial period of interaction and explanations of certain aspects of this race and main differences in relation to horses.
Walking ride at the farm for 1h: 15m. The group is controlled by the animal carried by the handler, and the others follow in a row. Some of the companions of the participants may also lead animals and should follow the other participants on the side, to give confidence to the child and simultaneously hold or support a possible fall.
The activity ends in the area of the ring
Q:Brief description of the race
Well shaped animal,  chunky and rustic.
Average height,  in adult animals:> 1.20 m. (the recommended height is 1.35 m.).
Colour dark brown, with an abundant long and thick hair,.
Massive head,  with very prominent orbital arches, thick and strong lips; big ears and wide at the base, small eyes, giving the animal a grim face.
Short, thick neck. broad chest.
Movements of great magnitude but slow, little agile.
Deployment Area: Northeast of Portugal.