Learn about some portuguese animal species and a secular art from Alentejo

Full Day

During this tour you will meet and interact with the autochthonous animal species, not only from Alentejo but also from all the country. Meet the garvonesa cow, observe the energetic serpentina goats, you might even be able to feed the stubborn mirandela donkey. If we’re in luck the visitor may have the opportunity pet the oldest horse in Iberian Peninsula, the sorraia horse, many times painted by the primitive people on cave walls.

Environment wise you will enjoy a tour through the property plains, visit the the homestead dam and learn about the cultures and natural resources of the place.

The Mata Homestead is one of the biggest and better equestrian centers of the region, for sure you will be able to witness the management of working with lusitano horses.

After lunch we’ll make our way to where fragments of Alentejo history are recreated. The millennial art of rattle manufacturing, an object almost forgotten by this modern times but that we in Alentejo struggle to keep. Observe how this pieces are made and embrace some of the knowledge and art of the Alentejo people.

Half Day
The Half Day Tour will include the visit to the homestead, its animals and resources.

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  • Full Day
    • Departure at 10h00 – Évora City Center
    • Visit to the Homestead
    • Lunch – from 12h30 to 14h00
    • Visit to the rattle factory
    • Arrival aprox. at 16h30 – Évora City Center
  • Half Day (Morning)
    • Departure at 10h00 – Évora City Center
    • Visit to the Homestead
    • Arrival aprox. at 13h00 – Évora City Center


Price List*

  • Full day:
    • 2 to 4 persons: €65 per person.
    • 5 to 8 persons: €52 per person.
    • children 0-12 years: €30 per child
  • Half Day:
    • 2 to 4 persons: €52 per person
    • 5 to 8 persons: €40 per person.
    • children 0-12 years: €25 per child

Who performs?

Backcountry Tours

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Q:Backcountry Tours:

Alentejo a sea of plains, where calm and tranquility can be experienced at all of its places.

A region of a rural and familiar ambiance, offer unique possibilities for the direct contact with nature, agriculture and the local traditions, where folks deeply know the land, live from it, with it and for it.

Backcountry Tours has a single type of tourism in the region. We have created the possibility to have a comprehensiveness knowledge of a non touristic world that goes unnoticed for most of the visitants of Alentejo.

A world with a cultural patrimony built in centuries, crossing generations and surviving the passing of times. We offer tours about different themes that are pillars of the Alentejo rural culture.

Come discover the best of Alentejo, from the worldwide known wine, the olive oil to the breeding of the most exquisite animal species with rare characteristics of beauty and behavior, not forgetting the natural resources the the region still maintain. Enjoy arts and all the historical influence that this magnificent region was subject.

With the Backcountry Tours you will have access to locations never before explored by tourists, unique places where family business work for centuries of existence. 

Q:For more information:
Please contact us using the form provided and we will clarify all your questions, trying to create an experience the most adapted possible to your expectations.